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Welcome to Student Market!

Student Market was founded with the idea of creating an easy one-stop-shop for busy college students. Whether you are looking for textbooks for class or for a student desk for studying, we will have great options for you at a cheap price. Student Market specializes in finding great deals and putting them together in one convenient spot. Save both time and money at Student Market.

Dorm Bedroom Furniture

The most important item for any dorm room is the bed. Whether you are living in a college dorm room or a small apartment bedroom, having a comfortable place to sleep at night is crucial. Student Market has a number of great beds to choose from, including futons and loft beds. There is one that is the perfect fit for any student residence.

Student Office Furniture

Buckling down and doing your homework will be a whole lot easier with a new desk for your dorm room. Having a dedicated spot for studying is essential for any student. Choose a compact student desk for your apartment or squeeze a mobile work space into your small dorm room with a computer cart. Adding in a bookcase will help to keep those textbooks neat and organized.

Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

Even the smallest apartment can be made more comfortable with the right furniture. Choose a compact sofa and coffee table to create a seating area that you can relax in after a busy day at class. A studio apartment will also require a place to sit as well as a place to sleep. A futon that does double duty is a great choice. Or go for a comfortable armchair that can be placed in the corner and out of the way.

Small Apartment Kitchen and Dining Furniture

An apartment-sized kitchen can be improved by the addition of a kitchen cart. It is easy to roll out of the way when not in use and provides a handy spot to store your microwave. Or create an eating area with a small kitchen-sized dining table with matching chairs.

Entertain Your Friends with Bar and Game Room Furniture

Even though you are working hard and studying, you will need some down time to relax. Game night is a great way to make friends with your fellow students. Entertain your friends in style by purchasing a pub set. Or become the life of the party and go all out with a gaming table or poker table.

Just because you are in college, doesn't mean you don't have to be limited to hand-me-downs! Our selection of top name brands such as Elite Products, Coaster and South Shore make it easy for you find just the right piece. Get a modern look for your apartment with a few new furniture items at discount prices.